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Local Redheaded Photographer Trampled by Fame-Hungry Sorority Sisters


Written by Shamira James

There’s nothing like the thrill of a snow day. Waking up to the campus-closed email, seeing how many people posted about the snow on Snapchat before even rapidly flipping through their stories and smell of the herds of Greek life people reek of bonfires and Natural Light. All of these things make Roanoke College snow days truly one of a kind.

But while you all were frolicking in the flakes, I was tending to my dear photography pal. You all are so obsessed with capturing the perfect winter aesthetic, so obsessed with making sure everyone knew it snowed, making sure you can make a punny caption of how “it’s not so sunny in Salem anymore,” that you don’t even care about the man behind the camera!

“Gabe where are you?” “Gabe can you meet me on the back quad?”, “Gabe can you take off-guards of me and my sisters?”

BLAH BLAH BLAH! LEAVE GABE ALONE! The man needs a break. Can you imagine the tiring routine of aim, focus, shoot every single time there’s an inkling of snowy weather? Well, this time was especially rough…YOU ALL TRAMPLED MY FRIEND.

I was standing on the mini stage in front of Commons and there Gabe was, taking his umpteenth picture when he felt the ground shake, they were coming, all of them. ASAs, Chi-Os and DGs all at once; trying to get the perfect pic to capture sisterhood. After that, it was all a blur, and it wasn’t even me!

“I still get my pic with my big…and I had the perfect caption,” said one Chi-O to our reporters.

Nonetheless, he is currently in good condition, but unfortunately he will be out of commission for this weekend’s snow storm, so your Instagram might be lacking.

Sorry about it.