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‘God’s Most Beautiful Creation’


Written by Nico Stewart

During God’s six days of creation and one day of rest, he created a world of beautiful things. He created the setting sun, quietly hiding behind the horizon after a long day of walking the sky. He created right and tall mountains who are so generous as to allow forests to grow over them and animals to raise their families on their crests. He created churning waterfalls, whose crystalline waters cascade into a pool below to throw up in the air sweet mist and vibrant rainbows. God created a sky that, when the light shines right, looks every shade of orange to violet, and with a stroke painted curling and wisping clouds on the blended background; all as a façade for the Gates of Heaven. God created a world of beautiful things, but none of those compare to those most beautiful companion of man: a woman.

A woman, who is everything a man is not, is the work of an artist above all else, and I am grateful that they exist to be so beautiful, so eloquent, and perfect in design and unique in each individual. Women are given the gift of beauty in and out, in its purest essence. And such an overflowing gift it is that the Devil brews in Hell to deprive women of either their beauties, if not both. On earth we see women deprived by society and culture, deprived by men, and even deprived by themselves.

But in the corners of the world where there is beauty, beauty in women, and that beauty is appreciated, the days have more hours and are more joyful.

There are so many things beautiful experienced in different senses, like the sound of a lullaby played on piano, an emotional film to bring one to tears, or even the taste of rich chocolate prepared by a renowned chef. But a woman, tangible in every dimension, is the most beautiful thing to breath, sing, laugh, talk, smile, and be.

Their eyes are imperfectly ellipsed, with wings like butterflies that shutter with a blink of an eye. Their noses, with a bridge sloping down to a cute nub, are angled in the most peculiar way so that it is just right. A woman’s smile, as an extension of their mouth, is their greatest weapon and man’s greatest weakness. As her lips pull apart, to reveal pearly teeth, her eyes shrink in intent and her nose wrinkles around the bridge all to show that she is happy. Her face, whether slim or round, was pieced together on a canvas by pencil, each lash, each wrinkle, each blemish is unique, and the mastery of a woman’s beauty is the ability to captivate by only a glance; no one has said they’ve been lost in beauty, and more so, lost merely by seeing.

A woman’s beauty doesn’t stop there; no, her beauty comes from her hair, her skin, her chest, her hands, and the curvature of her legs and feet. Overlooking fetish, every inch of a woman is art, perfectly sculpted and tailored to fit as a little spoon to a big.

Everything about a woman is beautiful, but when you look at a woman who you love, it’s as if time has frozen still. The birds in the sky halt their flight, the rain from the clouds stall condensation, fireworks in the night only burst half-way and shine as stars, all while the woman you love simply exists. Entranced in her eyes, tangled in her hair, and in wanting of her when you can’t see her, she is your life. She is a masterpiece, and in that moment she seems made just for you. The most beautiful thing of all, with a woman you love, is when you lie with her and you both face on another. Both your eyes are closed with your arms around one another. Thinking to steal a glimpse of her, you open your eyes to see her sleep peacefully.

But when you open your eyes, she’s been staring at you the whole time, and you realize right then why you fell in love with her in the first place. Staring into each other’s eyes, you realize that this masterpiece and goddess and unfathomable beauty is the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen or touched or felt in your life. That phenomena is why women are God’s most beautiful creation.