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‘Basically Tarantino’ Film Festival Back at RC


Written by Jordan Hanson

The annual Basically Tarantino Film Festival has rolled around yet again, films showcased in front of an audience for the first time yesterday evening in the Wortmann Ballroom. Each film was produced by RC students and is a clear display of the talent and dedication of the creators.

Filmmaker Ben Mowers, senior, is on his second run of the festival, after winning the Audience Award last year. For this year’s productions, Mowers altered his process. He initially came up with an idea, proceeded to write the script with a cast already in mind and concluded by incorporating this year’s specific requirements, such as phrases, props, etc.

“We were able to shoot everything in one night! I borrowed a camera and boom mic and the rest was a breeze,” said Mowers. He claims that the most difficult part of the filming process was editing video clips with an unfamiliar program, and used YouTube tutorials to help him out.

Another filmmaker this year is sophomore Jake Bryant. After discarding his initial idea for the festival, he decided to write a tragedy and spent four days filming.

“You should never take yourself too seriously or you risk creating something stiff and cheesy,” Bryant said about the filmmaking process. There were many aspects he said that he enjoyed throughout the production, such as writing a song with his cousin to include in the film. However, he says his favorite part was “being able to hop behind the camera and tell a story.”

Congratulations to all participants on great films.