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RC Community Impressed By Man In Shorts


Written by Joseph Krzyston

The RC community was in awe this week of a particularly brave junior, probably a business major, who enthralled the campus with a stunning display of virility by walking around in shorts on a forty-five degree day.

“We’re all just so impressed,” said a sophomore. “I’m currently bundled up because it’s sort of cold, and here comes this guy, wearing shorts and Chacos. Does he just not care? Is he just that tough? We may never know.”

Indeed, though it is widely supposed that the appeal of the students comes from a mixture of devil-may-care recklessness and a God-like imperviousness to the elements, it cannot be known with precision which permutation of these attributes is responsible for the student’s unmistakable appeal.

“It might also be the backwards baseball cap, I mean that probably helps a little bit,” said the sophomore, “but it’s definitely the fact that he’s wearing shorts on a cold day. So edgy!”

The Brackety-Ack tried to reach the shorts-wearing superstar for comment, but he was busy, hard at work maintaining a 2.3 GPA and not doing a whole lot else.