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Theatre Roanoke College Spring Production: An Albee Evening


Written by Jessica Shelburne

The RC Theatre Department produced two one-act plays in their spring production titled An Albee Evening from April 11-14 in Olin Hall.

The two featured plays were The American Dream and The Zoo Story, both written by Edward Albee, a highly regarded American playwright of the 20th century, and both are considered one-act masterworks.

Theatre Professor Dr. Bruce Partin directed The Zoo Story during his graduate education and found it to be one of the most profound and challenging plays he’s ever worked with, for all who are involved, both then and now.

“From day one Dr. Partin made it clear just what his vision was and how he wanted it to come together, so it made the journey something to look forward to,” said freshman Zach Dalton, who was cast as Peter in The Zoo Story.

Partin said that he hopes to utilize this production as a useful teaching tool for all Roanoke students, regardless of their involvement in the theatre program.

Freshman Adeline Huggins was cast as Grandma in The American Dream and said of the play: “Working with Dr. Partin on his last show at Roanoke was such a rewarding experience and I’m so thankful for the opportunity.”

It is safe to conclude that the production was a success and will serve to benefit Theatre Roanoke College for years to come. Congratulations to Dr. Partin on his retirement following an incredible career.