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RC Super Fan: The Oprah of College Sporting Events


Written by Ian Gillen

Coming soon to Maroon Athletics is the fan we do not deserve, but the fan we need.  Roanoke College’s Super Fan will be attending games throughout the year. The Super Fan will have giveaways, punch cards, and much more.

The Super Fan will attend an equal amount of every team’s games and will have punch cards to give out to students.  This punch card can only be punched by the Super Fan, and it is your ticket to getting special Roanoke College swag.  The Super Fan, however, acts in mysterious ways, and regular attendance is not expected from the masked fan. We have also been informed that the Super Fan is very busy and sporadic and may not even stay at a game for its entire duration.  So, how can you find the Super Fan?

A campus-wide manhunt will take place all year which will include clues as to the whereabouts of the Super Fan.  The smartest of students will have to crack this code in order to find out what games the Super Fan will be attending.  These games are the only ones in which you will be able to have your card punched and get closer to winning prizes.

The student with the greatest number of punches at the end of the year will win a unique collection of Roanoke College swag.  Prizes will also be given to students who finish within the top 20 of the punch rankings. Students that are first to achieve different milestones along the way will also receive prizes.  Being the first student to have 10, 20, or an even greater number of punches may also win you special prizes. While we work our way there, however, the Super Fan will also have random giveaways during the games full of all different kinds of Roanoke College gear.

So, if you haven’t picked up your own Super Fan card yet, then join the hundreds of students who have, solve the mystery of where the Super Fan will be, and win free prizes for cheering on your Maroons!