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Kiki, Do You Have These Statement Pieces?


Written by Shamira James

Everyone has a different sense of style that makes them stand out on this campus. You could be known for never being seen without a Gucci belt, you could be the girl who’s always wearing a full face – even if it’s 80-degree weather with a 100% humidity or you could be the guy who probably saves a lot of money because you’ve only ever seen him wear pajama pants and hoodies. Either way, while everyone has their own looks to serve, there are some pieces that are bound to be in your collection that are quintessential to the college wardrobe.

Stolen Greek Life Shirt That You’ve Probably Taken From a Laundry Room – The thing about this is that you can turn your nose and act boujee, or you can keep it 100 with yourself. It’s 1:00 a.m., and you’re doing laundry, there’s no one around. That shirt has been there for three weeks now. Just throw it in with your stuff and act like it never happened. Panhel would want you to have that shirt.

Denim Skirt – *Alexa, play just the beginning of Shania Twain’s “Man, I Feel Like a Woman”* Denim skirts have made a comeback and are in girl’s closet, and why not? They’re good for any season; throw on a sweater and boots and BAM! You got yourself a winter look! Grab a graphic tee and some nice tennis shoes and you have a classic sporty chic look for the ages. They’re also versatile, no one will know that the same skirt you’re giving your seminar presentation in is the same skirt you got kicked out of Awful’s in for dancing on the bar…no one has to know a thing.

Blazer  – That coat will only see the light of day for two reasons: Business class presentations and Pledge Week, and who cares? It’s so far back in your closet behind all the Vineyard Vines and RC Athletics paraphernalia that it’s always in perfect condition.

RC Merch – Whether you were lucky enough to catch a shirt from Chaplain Chris’ t-shirt gun during Maroon Madness, blessed by the Superfan for showing RC pride or just casually don’t mind dropping upwards of $20 on an RC shirt, chances are you have a few tees with that RC insignia on it. While some are very run-of-the-mill, some of them are special, like the soccer t-shirts class of 2019 got when they first arrived or the 175th Anniversary shirts class of 2021 got when they joined the RC fam. Keep the merch and the memories associated with them.