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Fall Into Fashion


Written by Jessica Shelburne

As summer turns to fall, sun submits to shade and as the weather parallels this transition, so must our apparel. October is guilty for beholding days that begin at 60 degrees in the morning and reach up to 80 degrees in the afternoon. The fluctuation in temperature can make it difficult to select an outfit that will be appropriate all day.

However, some of the greatest fashion trends occur during this change. Many articles of clothing worn between summer and fall are gender-neutral, which doubles the availability of options.

Foremostly, jackets and cardigans are paramount in fashion trends currently. Denim jackets are accessible in styles that can work for nearly every occasion. For example, dark washes with clean edges are commonly used for profession and bleach washes with distressed patterns are popular for casual wear.

Cardigans can also be found in a variety of thicknesses, materials and styles, making them sensible (and comfy) item to wear currently. Shredded jeans are worn among younger generations most frequently between seasons due to their ability to both breathe and cover.

Although long pants are quickly becoming more appropriate to wear, shorts can still be paired with sweatshirts and long-sleeves during this time, which makes it possible to be warm and cool simultaneously.

Although every fashion preference is welcome during any season of the year, the aforementioned trends offer ideas for how to adjust alongside the change in weather while remaining stylish and sensible.