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Fortnite: America’s Next Top Leading Cause for Divorce


Written by Kaelyn Spickler

Has your boo left you on delivered for multiple hours at a time? Has he been trapped in his room for days on end? Even worse, has he made you feel like his second option? Five years ago you would have turned into the crazy girlfriend checking his phone to see if he was texting other girls, or you would have unexpectedly showed up to his dorm to catch him with the “other girl.” Well now it’s 2018, and cheating is no longer the leading cause for relationship stress- it is Fortnite.

You finally get a text back from your bf, so you respond within the appropriate seven minute time frame just so you don’t appear too anxious, but then he leaves on delivered for the next several hours… again. Your mind goes into overdrive, and you wonder what could possibly be keeping him off his phone for so long. You begin to overthink everything. “Who is he with?” is one of your go-to thoughts, but if it makes you feel better, he’s likely not with another girl. He’s just in the middle of an intense Fortnite tournament.

If it’s been days since you’ve last seen him, you might start to wonder if he’s hiding behind the nearest tree when he sees you across campus because he doesn’t want you to see him with his new girl. Or you might start to think he’s been locked up in the “other girl’s” dorm. You start to worry that the relationship is doomed, but remember, the newest Fortnite update just came out.

Finally, your used-to-be-romantic guy now all of a sudden seems distant. You used to go on all kinds of fun adventures together and have cute conversations filled with laughter. Now, when you ask to hang out he says he’s too busy or that he can’t, so you’re left to Netflix and chill solo. Again, he’s not with another girl; he just needs to get that victory with his buddies in Fortnite.

Many of the signals your guy is giving you may point to him cheating, but it’s not another girl that’s sliding in and taking up your man’s time. It’s just a video game, but don’t tell him that because you’ll get a lecture about how Fortnite is not “just a game. It’s a lifestyle.” Ladies, pick your battles wisely, but watch out because Fortnite is the new cheating.