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Rooney’s Senior Roundup


Written by Kaelyn Spickler

Tim Shay
Cross Country

Tim Shay’s final cross country season is half-way over, which has allowed for him to reflect on the season so far and adjust his goals for the remainder of the season. “While I’m racing, I’ve been trying to focus on leaving it on the course. I have nothing left to lose, so every race I should go finish on empty. I always try to think back to that if I’m struggling, especially when I’m at mile three or four and there’s still a couple more miles to go,” Shay said.

This past weekend, Shay and the rest of the cross country team traveled to Pennsylvania to compete in the Paul Short Race, where Shay put his new mantra to action. “This past race was my best race by far this season because I’ve been focusing on the ‘leave it on the course’ mentality, and I really did that this time, so I was proud of that. Overall, it was a better mental and physical race,” Shay said.

Shay was among the Maroons leaders placing 68th.


Megan Diehl
Field Hockey

For senior Megan Diehl, family is a big part of her athletic career. From her parents cheering for her in the stands to having her little sister push her to be her best, her family helped her get to where she is today.

“My family has always been really supportive. Every single member of my family of five have gone on to play college sports, so seeing them and how it impacted their lives and bettered them in the future was a big motivator for me,” Diehl said.

Because of this, scoring this past weekend at the Senior Night game in front of her family was even sweeter. “My mom has always been a loud cheerer. She waited for them to say my name, and then I heard her screaming like crazy. It was really awesome, especially on Senior Night,” Diehl said. What a special feeling for Diehl, and her family as well.