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Wing Night VS College Night


Written by Emma Grosskopf and Aeryn McMurtry

If it’s ever 10:45 p.m. on a Wednesday and you have an itch that only hot wings from Mac and Bob’s can scratch, then Wing Night might be the place for you.

Endorsed by former Wing Night president Diego Meneses ‘19 and his antecessor, senior Cam Eck, Wing Night is the perfect place for a low-key night out with your pals. Buy a beer (or something a little more fruity and a little less affordable), sit with your friends and socialize for an hour or two.

Or, if you’re not one to sit out of the way on a night out, elbow your way past Sig boys and sorority girls in tube tops to lean against the bar. Chat up everyone around you! You might make friends with the bartender, get a drink bought for you or end up spending way too much of your money on drinks that you really don’t need on a Wednesday night.

Whatever you prefer, Wing Night offers a casual restaurant atmosphere for legal college students to take a break from sweating and stressing about classes to eat some wings and chat it up with some people that are just as stressed and sweaty as you are.

And, really. Who doesn’t love free wings?

Every Thursday at Awful Arthur’s Seafood Company on Main Street, the students take over. The bar hosts a weekly College Night, a recently added but easily classic element of RC nightlife. Music bumps, drinks flow and the floor is full of dancing students. That might seem like your typical frat party, but move from basement to bar and the atmosphere changes from beer cans and neon lights to mixed drinks with tiny straws.

The bouncers are usually friendly and the bar staff are quick and efficient. The DJ constantly plays party anthems from today and yesterday, and because Awful Arthur’s turns from restaurant to bar with the wave of the happy hour wand, you can also bond with some Salemites™.

Come join the gaggles of legal-age RC students shouldering past broad frat boys to get to the bar, or dancing while balanced on cute but precariously tall wedges, enjoying their Thursday night and bringing an early start to what will undoubtedly be a great weekend. Just don’t get there before 11.