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Dress For Halloween Wit’cha Boo!


Written by Jessica Shelburne

Autumn has suddenly blown into full effect, complete with the crisp atmosphere and bare trees. As October concludes, Halloween is mere days away.

Arguably the most noteworthy event of the fall season, college students across the nation are searching for their Halloweekend costumes, many at the last minute, and many want to find clever costumes for them and their boo!

The following are three ideas for easily-assembled, last-minute couple costumes.

Forrest Gump and Jenny: The beauty of simplicity is just as present in this classic film as it is in the character’s costumes. Khakis, a plaid button-down shirt and hat depict the uncomplicated appearance of Forrest. Jenny’s hippie disposition can be reflected with a loose-fitting white dress and sleeveless brown vest paired with a flower headband.

Danny Zuko and Sandy Dee: The Grease power couple look can be recreated using mostly one color. An edgy Sandy can be represented with off-the-shoulder black top and slim black pants with red lipstick and poofy curls. Danny’s tough nature can be similarly portrayed with cuffed black jeans and either a slim black shirt or white t-shirt and black jacket.

Squints and Wendy Peffercorn: Squints is typically found in jeans with either a baseball raglan shirt or undone short-sleeved button-down over a plain t-shirt with a backwards cap. Wendy can be imitated with a red lifeguard outfit using a one-piece swimsuit or tanktop and shorts, paired with white sunglasses and a high ponytail.