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“I’m Lucky, He’s Lucky, We’re All Lucky!”


Written by Lucy Collins

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is an eccentric musical film structured with a plot that thrives on audience participation. RC service fraternity Alpha Phi Omega paired up with the Brackety-Ack to host a showing of the cult-classic film where both “virgin” spectators (people who have never been to a performance before) and more seasoned viewers could do the Time Warp together, enjoying the edgy rock soundtrack and unconventional narrative.

Sophomore Brandt Nethercutt participated in the showing, dressing up as the character of Riff Raff, the butler, who was played by Richard O’Brien in the 1975 film. “It was an incredibly rewarding experience to participate in this event with all these wonderful people,” Nethercutt said.

During the extended pauses between dialogue, viewers in Massengil shouted lines back to the screen from a script that was given to them upon their arrival in a prop bag. Some audience members dressed up in costume similar to the characters, complete with fishnets and corsets, and threw props from their bags during various scenes. Some of the items in the bags that APO members assembled included rice, newspapers, flashlights, noisemakers, confetti, and even slices of toast. Newcomers, more appropriately known as Virgins of RHPS, were encouraged not to feel intimidated by the overwhelming atmosphere, and participated in a game together before the movie showing.

Senior Peyton Holahan was an audience member during the movie showing and floor performance. She, along with many others in the audience, shouted responses during the movie and used the props in her bag. “I’ve never seen the show before, but it was a lot of fun! Both APO and the Brackety-Ack did a good job!” Holahan said.

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