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Cozy Up This Cuffing Season with these Chilly-Weather Date Ideas


Written by Caisi Calandra

In case you don’t know what cuffing season is, it’s basically the concept that couples get together more often in “chillier” seasons, such as fall and winter, because it’s cold, and you evidently need someone with whom to snuggle (If you’re more economical, however, you’ll save on future dates by buying sweaters and watching Bridget Jones’s Diary instead).

The concept of cuffing season is cute and all, until you get to spring. And what about RC’s winter break? If you and your SO don’t live close to each other, then cuffing season has to take a break (unless you’re into more than one cuff for the season, if you catch the drift).

Let’s say a girl out there is sincerely into cuffing season (no shame!), and she and her SO are connecting on some surprising levels, but — what kind of dates can you possibly plan when the sun sets at 6 PM and it’s super chilly? This arrival of cold weather prompts the exploration of some chilly-date ideas.

One of the most popular chilly dates is going into the city. Now, that probably comes off as dumb (because the whole point is to stay warm with your SO). But going to the city and dressing up for it proves to provide some cute pics for the ‘gram with you in your puffy winter jacket, leaning on your SO, and wearing that infinity scarf you’ve always wanted to.

The second most popular date WAS going to be going to a farm to pick pumpkins, but Halloween’s already passed (unfortunately. I know we’ll all miss her). Therefore, I’m dubbing the second most popular date as ice skating. Whether or not you think you’re a pro, going ice skating with your cuffee is a must. Who cares about the bruises you’ll get after falling when you can both laugh at each other?

Next up we have cooking. I know we go to a college, so there’s very little places at which we can cook. But if you get clever and use some of the kitchens on campus (even if they’re not in your dorm specifically), a cooking date can be a great way for you and your SO to turn on some holiday music, work together and cook the night away. And, at the end of it, you’ll (probably) have something delicious to munch on.

Overall, these date ideas are pretty universal. This cuffing season, whether you are cuffed with one or multiple cuffees, try any of these cold-weather date ideas to warm up the chilly season.