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Highway to the Twilight Zone


Written by Shamira James

What if one day you woke up and everything was just a little different? There are some days where admittedly something feels off – a Monday feeling a Friday, you walk across campus and literally see no one or maybe everyone is just acting a little weird because they’ve been replaced by emotionless clones a la the 1956 “Invasion of the Body Snatchers.” If that reference is over your head, grasp this: let’s see how RC would look in the Twilight Zone.

Location, Location, Location – Sure, in the “ordinary world” RC is nestled in the comfortable and cozy town of Salem, where mountains stretch as far as the eyes can see. But what if it wasn’t. What if one day you woke up and and could see the Roanoke star from your dorm window? Yes, in this alternate universe, RC is smack-dab in the middle of downtown Roanoke, meaning our closed little campus would be spread out amongst the city, maybe even involving taking a shuttle to class. R.I.P. to all you people who are always casually late to class.

Commóns – While Commons is nice and cozy with it’s warm colors, hot meals and lively crowds, what if every meal was a suit and tie affair? Chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, a fine violin playing while the only chicken meal you’ll be eating is chicken cordon bleu? Someone comes in and takes your order while you drink the freshest sparkling water. If you’re thinking about the Spongebob episode where they changed the Krusty Krab to impress Squilliam, then you got it right! Now, may I take your hat sir?

Hut Hut HIKE! – While lacrosse team acts as the football team we never had, there’d be no need for that in this twilight zone. RC would have a football team and they’d be incredible. We’d have homecomings, an out-of-this-world marching band that knew how to play “In My Feelings” and tailgates that you can only really experience through being there because no story would do it justice.

24 Hours AND Delivery – In this flipped script scenario, you won’t have to lay in bed at 4 a.m., while the growling of your stomach rocks you to sleep when no one will take you to get food. Just roll over, grab your phone and make a phone call that’ll count. Having pizza delivered past 2 a.m. would be heaven on Earth, and could also make for the Freshman 15 to never truly leave.

Switch it up on ‘em – Of course in a Twilight Zone, some of the people you know would be different, too. Take the smart, sciencey-type Susana Londoño, who is usually tucked away in a lab somewhere. In this alternate universe she said she would be a Communications major: “In my other life, I would have thought this was out of my comfort zone and not a strong suit of mine, but now I’m totally ready to analyze Bill Clinton’s apology for effective rhetorical techniques!”