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Life After Baseball Season


Written by Ian Gillen

Everyone’s been there.  Early morning, head hurts, heart hurts, everything hurts.  This time has come again with the end of the World Series and the beginning of life without baseball.

Times were simpler in October.  Nine-inning nights filled the hearts and minds of all, and no one needed anything else to be happy.  But now the cold days of November are here and the void in the hearts of sports fans burns deep with a yearning of drama, passion, and championships.

To fill this void fans must look to the stars.  No not the stars our ancestors gazed upon, but the stars that shine in the bright lights and on the latest of cloudy nights.  Luckily for Dodgers fans their late-night fix of sports entertainment can from LeBron James and their at times exciting Lakers.  With LeBron now playing in the Western Conference, the most exciting game of the night is sometimes tipping off around 10:00. This means fans that get their homework done early, procrastinate, or do not do it at all can watch the best player in basketball in the best conference in basketball.

College Basketball also made its long-awaited return this week, and is home to some of the greatest moments, rivalries, and venues in all of sports.  Anyone growing tired of the SEC’s domination of football is now allowed to the ACC for much needed relief and competition. Tuesday and Thursday night primetime games make every week better and can help your World Series hangover.

The usual suspects can also help ease the pain of the Red Sox’s ending of baseball season.  The midway point of the NFL season has just been reached, the College Football Playoff Rankings have begun, and across that big bowl of water Champions League Soccer is making its imprint on Europe.

The Brackety-Ack knows that filling the baseball-sized hole in your heart is not easy.  But in these trying times it is important to stick together. We hope this helps gets you through the tough time in your life.


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