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Living My Best Life: I Am Confusion


Written by Emma Grosskopf

Being confused isn’t a new concept to me, okay? I took a stats class.

I swear, something new confuses me every day. But there’s a new type of confusion that has surfaced for me now, one that doesn’t have anything to do with z-scores or bell curves.

As a matter of fact, it has nothing to do with classes at all.

Everyone has a type, right? Like, a TYPE type. Some people are into athletes, some people are into blondes, some people are exclusively into frat guys (though that’s more of a character flaw than a “type,” per se, but we can let it go), etc.

Some people have a couple different “types.” This is probably a little more common, especially since these types overlap on such a small campus.

But riddle me this: what do we do if we develop a crush on someone who is not AT ALL your type?

Yep, I am living through this confusion as we speak. I don’t know why I like this guy; he’s nothing like any of the other guys I’ve been into before! I mean, he’s smart and funny and nice and doesn’t ignore me.

And I can’t possibly imagine what is wrong with me. Why am I into him?

If anyone has experienced this before now, I am so sorry that I didn’t understand your confusion.

Because I definitely understand it now. I would love to know the exact reason why I am crushing on someone who I a) don’t have a single class with, b) have only talked to a couple times and c) couldn’t really pick out of a crowd.

Until now.

Because I am obviously an expert on every single thing that has ever existed ever, I always say matter-of-factly, “everyone has a type!” And I really do stand by this!

But none of my proclamations ever described what I should do when the guy I have a crush on is so far from my previously determined “type.”

What is little old me supposed to do in this situation?

I have thought long and hard about it, and I have finally come to a conclusion:

Maybe I should talk to him.

Ask him to coffee.

Have a conversation with him.

This guy is not an enigma. He’s not a gnome. He’s not a Jedi. He’s not one of the Village People.

I need to broaden my horizons and forget my “type.” I’m guessing that, when I do, something good MIGHT come out of it. Just maybe.