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Rooney’s Season Roundup


Written by Kaelyn Spickler

The fall season has come to an end, and the seniors have much to be proud of, not just for this past season, but from all four of their collegiate seasons.

Our volleyball team consisted of two seniors, outside hitters Sydney Daniel and Kelsey Goodman.

The RC golf team was made up of four seniors- Lucas Martin, Staley Cavey, Dave Moreau, and Bobby Spellane.

There are three seniors who wrapped up their final cross country season this year- Kevin Elliott, Tim Shay, and Ryan Wilson.

The men’s soccer team was made up of a good number of seniors. Defender Federico Mor, midfielder Andre Yow, midfielder Benji Pullen, forward Ezra Zigarwi, midfielder Jose Robertson, and midfielder Ryan Hepburn helped lead the team to wins.

Women’s soccer will be losing three seniors next year- defender Julia McCracken, midfielder Jillian Barnard, and midfielder Ashley Scovni.

Nine senior ladies made up the field hockey team. Goalkeeper Heather Schauder, midfielder Kelsey Martin, attack Fiona Dougan, midfielder Kestrel Thorne- Kaunelis, attack Paige Warner, midfielder Megan Diehl, defender Kaylin Strenson, defender Stacey Staley, and attack Abigail Werner all finished up their final season this year.

The Brackety-Ack would like to send a big congratulations to all of our fall senior athletes on four great seasons here at Roanoke College. Best of luck in your future endeavors.