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See Cinema Solo!


Written by Lorin Brice Hall

Humans are social creatures. We crave interaction and connection. It’s why we go on

dates. It’s why we like to talk. It’s why we have snapchat, Instagram, Tinder and X, Y and Z. It’s why everything! We want to be understood so thus we communicate. It’s why we like stories. Because something is being communicated to us in a beautiful medium. It is intensely and extremely personal. Movies need to be personal so that they may imprint their sacred images upon us. It’s something that we as humans easily bond over. That’s why there is a stigma to being alone. We are scared of being with just ourselves. Sitting by yourself at lunch in middle school is a death sentence. Because you are surrounded by people who you haven’t connected to you.But there is one thing that should be ok to do alone. Movies. Seeing the movies on your lonesome is not bad. If you go to the movies by yourself you should feel no shame. It’s healthy. You can fully absorb the glory of the movie. You can sit in that cinema/cave and watch those moving images and hear those dazzlingly disjointed voices. You can vegetate in front of that dominating silver screen and it’s all good. Eat the lotus. No one cares. It’s what I do to unwind. I hate movie dates. I hate being talked to during storytime. If I am asking you on a date to the movies let’s just hold hands and not talk. I probably won’t ask anyone to go to the movies because going with my onesome is good for me. I like it. If you think that this is a terrible opinion to have then take me to the theatre. I will buy my own ticket but I will argue against getting snacks. I hope we bring some snacks of our own. Far more economical.