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Celebrate This Season with the Top 5 Holiday Jams


Written by Jordan Hanson

Thanksgiving is over, and all the deals from Black Friday and Cyber Monday have passed. It’s jolly season, folks, and that means Christmas music is the only thing you will hear for the next month.

When it comes to Christmas songs, there are so many options – do you want the classics, or maybe a pop cover? Whether you’re not quite ready for the holidays yet or you’ve been wearing your ugly sweaters and ringing sleigh bells since Halloween, here’s a list of five Christmas songs that will put anyone in a merry mood.

5. Do They Know It’s Christmas? This one is mildly depressing, but it is sentimental and culturally aware.

4. White Christmas A true classic, this song brings thoughts of fluffy white snowflakes on Christmas morning.

3. Jingle Bell Rock If this one doesn’t make you think of “Mean Girls,” you’re lying to yourself. You’re doing the dance right now, aren’t you

2. Last Christmas Our favorite Wham! song, but there are so many covers. Ariana Grande? Taylor Swift? All of them are great, arguably.

1. All I Want for Christmas Is You If it’s not Mariah Carey, it’s not Christmas. Even Scrooge loves this song. Catch us trying to hit those high notes and using a candy cane for a microphone.