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Pop Culture: The Kween’s Last Hoorah


Written by Harrison Squire Mines

As a last-semester senior, the chance to take a moment to consider pop culture a few times a month has been a personal pleasure.

RC churns out students who are well-rounded academically; encouraging its community to engage in their greater world. Staying informed and up on current events can be challenging and, in recent months, rather exhausting.

If I had to leave this column with any lasting wisdom, it would be to always revel in the fun of pop culture.

Contrary to the belief of many, music, film and the trends that surround it are to be enjoyed first and examined second. While entertainment is, at face-value, entertaining, it will never hurt to take a closer look at the items on your screen.

Doing so has made me a well-rounded media student. Pop culture gives me a reference point for many parts of my day; from getting dressed to discussion in my Communication Seminar. Pop culture will forever be evolving and unfixed, though reliably comfortable and exciting in the smallest of ways.