Written by Lorin Brice Hall

A mighty Opossum should be the mascot for Roanoke. I don’t really know why I believe this, but I do. I think the Opossum is a noble beast and really reflects the values I hold as a student.

I envision the Opossum as a desperate creature struggling to survive but is constantly thriving- an animal that is roadkill or king. I think that those two radical extremes characterize the ups and downs that is the college student experience. We all have ups and downs. I feel like most students see everything in their current lives as ridiculously intense. Everything is so intense. Opossums are intense. They feel deeply about everything, just like our student body.

Also, Opossum’s are real animals. They exist in the natural world. I am not entirely sure if Maroons exist. I also don’t know what a Maroon is. I know what an Opossum is. It is a tangible being. They are also fierce. If an Opossum has to fight then by golly they will battle. That intense sense of warrior valor is precisely what we need to invigorate school spirit.

Also, Opossums don’t abandon their young. They are nurturing parents, which represent the love that the Commons staff gives us on a daily basis. Opossums represent love and righteous anger. Go, those loving Marsupials.

Also, Opossums are adorable. Look at them- beautiful. They are distinctly American animals that are grounded in indigenous folklore. Honestly, I see no downsides to replacing the artificial Maroon with the noble and poetic Opossum. Speaking of Maroons and Roanoke College, Opossums have a much stronger presence on campus then some members of the student body. Thus, we, the students of Roanoke College, should make the elite governing forces of this institution listen to us and remove the Maroon and give us the Opossum goodness that we need.