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Rooney’s Senior Roundup


Written by Kaelyn Spickler

#3 C.J. Miles

Men’s Basketball


Only six games into the season, Guard C.J. Miles reached one of basketball’s most prestigious milestones- hitting the 1,000 point mark. These points come from his stellar 37.8% three point percentage and his impeccable 80% free throw percentage. These high statistics so early in the season show how hard the senior has worked throughout his career, and especially in the pre-season. Another key to scoring over 1,000 points is his quickness and ability to read the offense, along with the defense. He has raked up 11 steals, and fought for 13 rebounds. It is obvious that Miles is a crucial member of the team, and he is someone the team relies on heavily to carry them to success. The Maroons are currently 4-2 this season, and they will lean on Miles to help maintain a strong season.

Miles has been a key component to the Maroons throughout his whole career. He played in 25 games his freshman year to earn him a 25.9% three-point percentage and 92.% free throw percentage. His three-point percentage increased dramatically his sophomore season, going up to 49.2%. He maintained a high success rate last season as his three-point percentage ranked up to 45.2%, and his free-throw percentage was 85.3%. With these statistics, it is no wonder how Miles has 1,010 career points. Congratulations to C.J. Miles!