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50 Classic Roommate Conversation Staters


Written by Zoe Manoukian

Roommates! We love ‘em and we hate ‘em. If you’ve had one, then these next 50 phrases will sound very familiar to you.

1. Hi, my name is _____

2. I like your outfit!

3. I thought we could keep this mini fridge in here.

4. Do you think you’re going out tonight?

5. Ok, I’ll see you later!

6. Oh, hey! I didn’t know you’d be at this party.

7. These are some kids from my writing seminar. You’re welcome to join us!

8. Wanna sip of this?

9. Why did you just spit in my drink?!

10. Ok, see ya in the room later.

11. Let me know if you need anything!

12. Hey, you made it back ok! Fun night?

13. Wait, I don’t think you can smoke that in here.

14. See ya in the morning?

15. Oh, hey! Haha how long have you been staring at me?

16. Breakfast?

17. Ok, I’ll see you later then!

18. Hey there, how was your day?

19. This is my boyfriend. He’s visiting for the day before he starts at his school.

20. Cute shoes by the way!

21. Oooh, haha, yeah! You can wear anything of mine.

22. Alright, I’ve gotta go pick up a book. Do you guys need anything? =

23. Uhh, yeah. I can get you that.

24. Hey, I’m back!

25. Here’s your gasoline.

26. Hey! Are you making out with Brad?

27. Bye then, I’ll see you after your hair appointment.

28. Hey, you’re back. Can we talk?

29. Woah! Our hair kinda matches.

30. So regarding earlier… It seems that we have this disconnect about acceptable behavior, and I think it would be most effective to establish an environment of open communication. and to address the issue before getting an RA involved…

31. Yeah, no. You’re right. We are all figuring things out right now. I am being harsh and unreasonable.

32. Hey! Were you looking through my medicine cabinet?

33. Yeah, maybe some space would be good.

34. Alright, see you tomorrow then.

35. Whatcha doing over there?

36. Hey! Are you burning my bed?

37. What the heck dude! Why did you glue your face to all of my photos?

38. I hate to say this but I really think you should stop wearing my things.

39. Look, I know you’re nervous for classes to start, but maybe we could talk about it over coffee or a hike.

40. Ok yeah, screw my hike idea. 41. I’m moving out. See you around.

42. Hey, how has your week been?

43. I didn’t know that you were going to be in this class.

44. What do you mean we have all of our classes together?

45. Hey! Good to see you again!

46. Nooo, I didn’t switch majors because of you!

47. Yeah, I was totally bummed to not have spent more time with you last semester.

48. Yeah, yeah, yeah. After moving in again from winter break, I just started thinking about all our times when we were roommies.

49. Good times, yeah!

50. You know what? Yes. Let’s room together again.