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Hydrate, Don’t Die-drate: Explore Your Relationship With This Multi-Fauceted Resource


Written by Lorin Brice Hall

Roughly 60% of the human body is water, but folks don’t drink enough of it. CBS has reported that around 75% of the citizens of the United States are regularly dehydrated. The Institute of Medicine states that roughly 10 cups of water a day must be consumed in order for an individual to be properly hydrated. 3/4th of people in this nation don’t do that. Drinking water is the most efficient way to stay hydrated; other beverages like coffee ,alcohol and soft drinks don’t hydrate you, and can in fact lead to more extreme dehydration.

Water is just good for you. It stops bad breath and helps maintain good oral and dental health. Drinking water also improves cardiovascular health, which limits your risk of heart disease, as well as maintaining the overall health of joints and muscles. Water and liquids are filtered by the kidneys and if you stay regularly dehydrated then the kidneys work less effectively. Drinking water also improves skin health, so you will look better if you drink water.

The New Year is still new. If you’re looking for an easy change, then drink more water. By replacing soft drinks with water, you should lose weight. Soda is essentially tasty toxins, it’s not good for you. By jettisoning soda you lose a calorie intake.

Water is good. Water is also cheap. It costs less than soda does when you go out to eat. Save money, drink water. You know in your heart of hearts that water is the best. Don’t be a coward, drink some water. You will thank yourself. Your skin will thank you, your mom will thank you, your body will thank you. Do yourself a favor and head on over to a water fountain now and start glugging.