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Just Try A Little Bit to Be…BETTER


Written by Lorin Brice Hall

First impressions matter. That’s crazy. Can you imagine all the first impressions you’ve made? Can you imagine the people who have seen you walking and the sight of you made them spit or swoon. Someone has seen your face and wanted to kiss it. Someone has been stuck behind you in traffic and called you a fool. You shook some hands and became a reality. Before you were born your identity was already being stitched into existence by your young parents. You have so many first impressions left to go.

But those impressions define so much of your schema of what the other person should be. Once you’ve seen someone for the first time you have already cast them in a role that they will struggle to escape from. Take pride in yourself, because if you don’t then who will. Make minute shifts towards more love in your heart.

The new year is meaningless. Change comes whenever you try and change. Be your own catalyst and attempt to try. You can always improve, and improvement can only truly be measured by you. Try to do something that will change someone’s impression of you for the better! Be a little kinder,listen to what people are saying and try to make your own words matter! Some days may make you feel like you’ve never accomplished a thing in your life! But you have!

You are alive! Your worries and cares and the even the very act of living itself is a boulder that we must roll up the hill that is human experience! And even though that boulder will eventually roll down the hill you are the one that moves that rock! You can choose not to move it! Your life is in your hands! Don’t forget that you can be the most powerful thing in your life.