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Kissing Bad RC Habits Goodbye!


Written by Shamira James

Before you start the new year of thriving, we can all agree that there are some things that have to go. Of course, everyone has those typical resolutions of “go to the gym more” or “cut off toxic people” but there are more obtainable ones than that. You can start living your best 2019 life by fixing your bad RC habits like…

Stressing out your RA – whether it’s small things, like leaving common areas messy, or ridiculous things like singing Bohemian Rhapsody at 2:13 am with your friends after a night at Awful’s, your RAs have to deal with it all. In between everything else they have to do to make sure your hall doesn’t burn down they don’t have time for your side eye when they tell you to keep it down. They don’t get paid enough for it, so quit shrieking at The Bachelor every 5 minutes and show some respect.

Leaving a mess in Commons – If you’ve committed this awful sin, just know that after you leave, everybody looks at your table in disgust and tries to clean it up as best they can before any of the Commons staff can see it. Yes, that was a tactic to make you feel bad because you absolutely should. You’re too grown to leave cups, plates, hot sauce bottles and rice grains all over the table, but that stops here right? Good, and for the love of God, push your chair back in!

Not letting yourself stay in – So it’s Friday night and this week was brutal – like a mental breakdown in the back of all your classes brutal and you just want to sleep in. Your friend tells you everyone is going out and you HAVE to come. As reluctant as you are, you go out and immediately regret it. The music sucked, your friend left without telling you and you walked home in the rain. We all know FOMO is a real thing but so is your mental health. Take the night for yourself and hear about all the wackiness at brunch. your mind, body and soul will appreciate it.

Procrastinations – This is one still under construction, maybe next week it’ll be done…

Not BLEEDING Maroon – The biggest thing about going to small liberal arts school in the middle of Salem is that people just can’t find that ZEST that makes them want to scream their alma mater’s name from the rooftops, but that shouldn’t be the case. No matter how big or small your school is you should give 110% into representing it with pride. Buy some of that overpriced merch and strut.