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Rekindle Romance With These 2019 Tips


Written by Kaelyn Spickler

Welcome to 2019, y’all! With the New Year comes new hookups, relationships and the like. I’m sure we all have learned a thing or two from last year’s romances, but let me be the first to tell you how to treat your person right in 2019 (in case you haven’t learned these lessons already).

  1. Pause the DANG video game: If your girl is going to walk in the freezing cold, or any weather condition for that matter, to come see you, you better be waiting at the door to let her in and give her your attention. If you need to finish up the game, go ahead, but the second that game is over, it’s cuddle time.
  2. Support your bae: Does she have a choir concert coming up? Go out and watch her do her thing. Did he get an A on his chemistry test? Even if he got a C, that’s an accomplishment because chemistry is hard, so tell him how proud you are. Support is crucial; we are college students who struggle at some point and need an extra boost.
  3. It doesn’t always have to be “Netflix and Chill” all the time. Maybe it’s time to get a change of scenery and make a public appearance to a basketball game together or grab Cavern. Then you can head back and continue Netflix and Chilling.
  4. Communicate: You don’t have to tell each other your whole life story in one text, or share your deepest feelings. Just let your person know you’re alive and doing well and please stop leaving each other on delivered for hours on end or waiting the “appropriate” amount of time to respond. Games are out in 2019.
  5. Start the day off right: If you’re ready to see if your relationship passes the ultimate test, plan to get breakfast together before class. If you’re both willing to get up early to see each other, then you know it’s real.
  6. Ghosting is out! We are in college! If you have been seeing the person for at least a month, or THOSE feelings are being felt, then ghosting your boo is incredibly inappropriate, and honestly, not even an option.

In short, give bae some attention and affection, and you’ll be on-track to happily ever after. Guys, if you want some bonus points, hug your girl from behind, and she will love you forever (or at least for the next hour). For the ladies, try learning how to play Fortnite or whatever video game your guy is obsessed with, and he will be super impressed.