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China Fresh: Local, Fast and Affordable


Written by Lorin Brice Hall

Commons is cool and all, but it gets repetitive. The meals aren’t bad but you can only really take so much Chicken Tendies or Generals Chicken or fish or etc. until you just need a real change of taste pace!

I personally love Chinese food. Its cheap, filling and feels comforting. You can be sad and eat Chinese food, but you can’t be sad while you are eating Chinese food. If you really need to get something besides Commons, go get Chinese. My personal favorite Chinese restaurant in this area is China Fresh. It is a sweet and simple hole in the wall. It is right next to the Kroger on Electric road. The cashier is a very efficient woman; she runs the best Chinese restaurant in the Salem area.

There are a few tables to sit at, nice fluorescent lighting and you can buy a sword for $10.

The food is spectacular and cheap. There are several vegetarian options. You can easily go to China Fresh and get a great filling meal for around $8. If you are looking to prioritize saving money then get a soup, its super cheap and filling. My favorite is the Hot and Sour soup.

They also have a special that is Beijing Style Milk Tea for $1.75. It is warm and creamy. It is incredibly calming to drink and was a staple of mine throughout the colder times of this and last year.

The majority of the food will cost less than $10, but if you go during lunch hours(11 Am-3 PM), you can get a full meal for 6 dollars. You seriously won’t have a bad time if you go there. Check out China Fresh!