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Duplo, and the Evil Within


Written by Joseph Carrick

After five years of waiting, the metaphysical world of living Legos is back! In Finn’s strange and fantastical world of Bricksburg, all is well for a solid five seconds before the Duplos invade from the planet Duplon. Finn’s younger sister and controller of this evil alien world plans to “destroy everyone.”

A sound plan for an evil galactic empire indeed, and the cliffhanger from the first Lego film is finally being resolved.

Five long years have passed for the heroes as well, and Bricksburg is a mere shadow of its former grandeur. Nearly all is destroyed, and the once bustling city now has a name befitting its current state of disrepair: Apocalypseburg. The goal is simple for the heroes: save the town.

Yet things could go from bad to worse as Emmet, the only figure who can see both the metaphysical and “real” worlds, is troubled by visions of an Ar-mom-ageddon. The heroes must stop the imperious invaders from Duplon before it’s too late, or will this only bring on its supernatural wrath?  

Lego Movie 2: The Second Part, premiering Feb. 8, still features the original, star-studded cast (including Chris Pratt, Elizabeth Banks and Will Arnett) and the same composer for this musical comedy. Critics are already in love with the continuation of the original franchise. Rotten Tomatoes rates it 93% and Metacritic follows with their weighted average score of 64/100. Comparisons are already being made to the original film, and while few are willing to say it surpasses the first, it does hold par.

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