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FEAST Feeds, Inspires Artists


Written by Robby Mangum

Last Wednesday, Olin Hall Galleries hosted FEAST, a dinner for RC students majoring in the fine arts. FEAST, which stands for Feeding Emerging Artists Something Tasty, is hosted semesterly. This event is designed to create a feeling of community in the arts program by allowing students to spend an evening together dining and playing games, and to allow the students to meet and get to know the gallery director, Talia Logan, and the assistant gallery director, Lacey Leonard. Leonard said that the event is partly designed to force art students to think about putting their works on show, which they must do in the spring.

During this semester’s FEAST, the students created an exquisite corpse. Exquisite corpse was invented by surrealists as a game to pass the time in French cafés during the 1930’s. The collaborative game involves one person making a contribution to a piece, and then passing it on to another person, who does the same, and so on. Logan stated that this semester’s FEAST had the event’s largest turnout to date. This was partly due to FEAST being opened up to any student currently taking a class in Olin Hall.

Students seem to enjoy these events. Carly Schepacarter, a sophomore majoring in art who attended FEAST, said that it helps to foster community and bring the art department together.

“I feel that I’ve made better artwork because of my improved comfort with faculty and my peers,” said Schepacarter.