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Fraternity Hopefuls Celebrate Bids Day


Written by Lorin Brice Hall

On Feb. 2, a series ofjoyous celebration took place throughout the Roanoke College community. Last Saturday was the semesterly Boys Bids Day, the day where the five fraternities of Roanoke College (Pi Lambda Phi, Kappa Alpha Order, Pi Kappa Alpha, Sigma Chi and Pi Kappa Phi) extend bids to potential members. If these potentials accept a fraternity’s bid, then they will then join that fraternity.

A potential may receive bids from multiple organizations, but obviously they can only accept one bid. Acceptance of a bid means that the accepter is now a “pledge.” The pledging process is an educational and formative period in which the pledge learns the values of the fraternity. Pledging ends with the pledge becoming a full Brother.

Bids Day is a celebration of the pledges and the fact that they have begun the process that culminates in their joining of the brotherhood. Steeped in RC tradition, it’s a day of rejoice and camaraderie.

Pi Kappa Phi Pledge Jakob Chandler said, “Everything I can remember was pretty fun.”

His pledge brother Dominick Thomas said, “I almost slept through accepting my bid.”

Pledges accept their bids early in the morning during the beginning of brunch and then immediately afterwards  join the Brothers and begin to throw down.

Kappa Alpha Order pledge sophomore Ethan Abbot is extremely excited to be a part of a fraternity.

“I decided to rush a fraternity because I wanted to prove something to myself as well as be part of an organization that will stay with me for a lifetime,” said Abbott.

Brothers were also excited to welcome the new guys into their ranks.

Pi Lambda Phi Brother Tobyn Whitten said, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year.”

Fellow Pi Lambda Phi Brother Greg Fletcher said, “The feeling of potentially welcoming new brothers into the fraternity is truly a magical experience for all involved.”