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Good News!


Written by Jessica Shelburne

Every day, the media is saturated with an unbearable amount of bad news. Amidst the widespread misfortune circulating the globe and clouding our vision, it is important to remind ourselves that goodness is yet alive and well. The following are three recent occasions that scream good news.

  1. Meghan Markle, well known Duchess of Sussex, was recently volunteering at One25 charity – an organization that encourages women to flee sex work and addiction. The Duchess worked alongside other volunteers to prepare meals to be sent the victimized women and wrote messages of encouragement on bananas such as, “you are loved/strong/brave!” Although her attempt at influencing positivity and benevolence was met with hatred from other celebrities, this small gesture was founded with a genuine intention to promote empowerment.

2. A film titled “Champions” in Madrid took home the prize for best picture at the Spanish Film Academy’s Goya Awards Ceremony. The comedy film followed a plotline featuring individuals with physical and mental disabilities. It is good that film can portray the presence of physical and mental disabilities in society, as it affects many individuals, including visually impaired “Champions” actor Jose Vidal, who noted the inclusivity of recognizing the film and its characteristics. Drawing attention to this cause helps to derail stigmas and misconceptions associated with mental disabilities.

3. The Recording Academy’s Task Force on Diversity and Inclusion has formulated an initiative to develop and present more opportunities to female music producers and engineers. The initiative requests that record labels consider a minimum of two female producers/engineers when creating a song or album. Females compose less than 5% of all popular music producers and engineers, making this initiative both appropriate and useful. Hundreds of musicians have pledged their commitment and are optimistic about influencing diversity and inclusiveness throughout the music industry.