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International Film Festival Comes to Roanoke


Written by Jessica Shelburne

The RC Department of Modern Languages is hosting the first annual International Film Festival from Feb. 19-24.

Seven films, representing seven different countries, cultures and languages (all subtitled in English) will be shown to the campus and surrounding community to promote unification through awareness and diversity.

“Film is a medium in which we can see other places and reach other people,” Dr. Elizabeth Groff said. “The films will each draw attention to the topic of immigration, presenting a firsthand perspective of all the different struggles one embarks throughout the process of immigrating before, during and after arriving in a country.”

Dr. Groff finds foreign film intriguing and important because they are characteristic of the film industries in different countries and display what is important to them. Many of the films have been directed recently, by individuals well-known in the foreign film industry.

Gianfranco Rosi, Mark Kendall and Boris Lojkine are three of the seven directors responsible for these eye-opening films. Some films will be fiction and others will be documentaries, but regardless of genre, they will each highlight their respective cultures and complement one another.

The film screenings will occur at different times on-campus and off-campus at The Grandin Theatre and Taubman Museum. The screenings are free and open to all and will be followed by group discussion, during which time thoughtful input about the film and what it presented is welcomed.

Leaders of this event are optimistic for a plentiful turnout, with hopes that everyone will be uniquely influenced by the meaning behind the films.

The festival kicks off with the first film, titled The World at 6:00pm, Feb. 19 in the Chapel. For more times and locations check out this website: https://rcinternationalfilmfest.wordpress.com.