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Maroons Talk Back(ety-Ack)


Written by Shamira James

‘Tis the season for Cupid’s arrow, what’s your favorite love song?

Doug Tyrrell, senior, everyone’s grumpy uncle, “Any Bruno Mars song, I’ve been listening to ‘If I Knew’ a lot, it’s GOOD!”

Joe Mikalauskas, junior, Linda’s little boi, “I don’t really listen to soft music but ‘LOVE’ from Kendrick is sick.”

Katarina Shaner, junior, sweet like a bouquet of daisies, “Oh that’s not even hard ‘Love Vigilante’ by New Order, without a doubt”

Leigh Snyder, senior, One Woman Show, “Gosh it’s always something from Broadway with me, ‘All I Ask of You’ from Phantom of the Opera is beautiful.”