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Oops, We Did It Again: Hookup Stories

Red car - side view

Written by Emma Grosskopf

“Someone called campo on us because the music we were using was too loud. Apparently it was loud enough to block out the pounding on the door, so when campo came in, there we were otherwise engaged.” -Female, junior, 20

“We were at Disney World and we were eating dinner. I thought the server was cute and my cousin convinced me to get his number. Later we met up and walked around, next thing I knew we were getting down and dirty on the Little Mermaid Ride.” -Female, sophomore, 20




“It was snowing and me and girlfriend wanted to go for a drive. A song came on and it got us hot and bothered so we pulled off to the side of the ride, to where we thought no one could see us. Well when the cops knocked on the window and made me get out of the car with just covering my junk, he let us go but mentioned that next time do it not near a kids’ playground.” – Male, junior, 20

“I invited this guy over and we talked about kidney beans for an hour, I guess that was his foreplay. Then we did it and much to my surprise and the help of my black light, it looked like a Tarantino scene on my be, and he even left the condom on my desk…we love that.” – Female, junior, 20

“It was a day party with beautiful weather. Everyone decided to go on the roof and I decided this would be a suave move for me to pull with this girl. Then she decides she wants to go ‘somewhere more private’. I thought the other side of the roof was perfect and i thought it was too – until she stopped and looked horrified. I turned around saw on my brothers jaw-to-the-ground staring at me. I haven’t heard the end of it to this day.” -Male, junior, 21

“I was getting hot and heavy with a guy in a car in the back part of the New Hall Parking lot. It was fine, but in my haste to get back and tell my friends, I left my sexiest pair of underwear. This was literally last spring semester and I’m still mourning.” – Female, senior, 22

“I live in the basement of my house and invited this guy over for the night and he was going to leave in the morning. The only problem was that someone had locked the door and we were stuck! I had to text my brother to unlock the door but he was watching TV in the living room which my door opens to, lucky for me he was facing the other direction just enough for me to sneak this guy through the kitchen’s back door.” – Female, senior, 22

“I was fooling around with this girl and it was very run of the mill after party activity. Or at least I thought so until she, well there’s no way to sugarcoat it, she bit my Johnson – my life flashed before my eyes.” Male, Junior, 20

“I went home with one guy, but ended up hooking up with his twin brother and him…at the same time!” Female, freshman, 18

“I brought a guy back to my room after a party but my roommate was in there asleep with her boyfriend so we tried to go to the common room but there were literally people already claiming that area. We with our very last option – the laundry room and then he high-fived me after.” Female, sophomore, 19
















“In a hammock. In a park. In West Virginia.” Male, sophomore, 20