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Oscars 411: Here’s What to Know


Written by Jessica Shelburne

As we lie on the precipice of another awards premier, it is time to prepare ourselves for the iconic moments, flashy attire and memorable speeches.

The 91 annual Academy Awards, or Oscar’s, will broadcast live on Feb. 24 hosted by…no one. For the first time in 30 years, the awards show will instead by hosted by various presenters. Kevin Hart was originally lined up to host but recently withdrew his commitment after facing controversy over previous homophobic statements, apologizing and claiming he did not want to be a distraction.

This year, viewers can expect to see representation of popular mainstream films such as Black Panther, A Star is Born and Bohemian Rhapsody – all of which are nominated for best picture.

Bradley Cooper, Rami Malek and Christian Bale have been nominated for best actor, alongside Lady Gaga, Melissa McCarthy and Glenn Close who are nominated for best actress.

Notable categories such as best original screenplay (nominations include Roma, Vice and The Favourite), best foreign-language film (nominations include Roma, Cold War and Shoplifters) and best documentary feature (nominations include Minding the Gap, Of Fathers and Sons and RBG) will cast a positive light on the diverse cultural components present in these films.

“A Quiet Place was directed in a way that was meant to capture the reality and fear that was imagined for this movie…I could watch it over and over again,” stated junior, Jordyn Thompson. A Quiet Place, as well as First Man and Roma, have been nominated for best sound editing.

Many films released within the last year have been highly influential and deserving of an award. However, there can only be one winner (or 10, technically). Tune into ABC network in two weeks so discover which of your favorite films have secured the bag.