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Rooney’s Senior Roundup


Written by Kaelyn Spickler

#20 Victoria Maxwell

Women’s Basketball


As a senior, Victoria Maxwell, started the season striving to be a leader on the team. “My goal for this season more than anything was to be a leader for this team. I wanted to make it my mission to do as good of a job as I could at that,” said Maxwell. That leadership has shown on the court as she has helped lead the team to a 15-7 season.

Not just anyone can be a leader. It takes someone who has a good mindset and strong work ethic, and Maxwell possess both of those qualities. “I think what stuck with me a lot this season is that it’s my last year, and these are my last practices and games with these people in this jersey, so I try to remember that I need to enjoy them and have fun in these last moments because I can never get them back,” said Maxwell.

She credits that mindset to what has motivated her to put in the extra hours and hard work. “I tell myself all the time that hard work is the only way I’m going to get better,” said Maxwell. “I’ve never been the most talented person on the team, but I’ve always been one of the hardest workers, and that goes back to having the right mindset.”

With her final season coming to an end, it’s becoming more of a reality that these are her final games in a Maroons jersey, and she admits that the sport is big part of who she is. “Basketball is hands down why I am the person I am. I went through so many hard situations that made me grow and made me learn to have hard face to face conversations,” said Maxwell.