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The Swipe Out: Take Me On A Date


Written by Shamira James

Let’s jump right into it: Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and we’re broke. I’d like to consider myself to be a low-maintenance and non-materialistic girl (but I’m a Capricorn, so we all know that’s a lie), but when I go to Walmart, my heart literally swells up with joy of getting a $30 stuffed animal, a $15 candy bouquet, a $3 card and a $1 Twix bar – but I’m willing to compromise for any and all RC bachelors who want to wine and dine me on a budget…or a swipe. But then comes the question from what every guy is dying to know: “where on Earth would Shamira, the prettiest, most stunning, most hilarious, most level-headed, most fashionable and most sweet girl on this campus want to go to eat, Commons or Cavern?” Well, let’s talk about it!

Commons has its pros for sure, when the meals are on the more gourmet side. If you want to sweep me off my feet, the food definitely has to do with it. While I love tendies or lo mein, they don’t exactly scream date food! Take ya girl to Commons when they’re having blackened chicken alfredo or Hidden Valley Ranch chicken BUT only with the baked potatoes, and that’s half of the date in the bag already. Commons is also full of people almost all the time. So, if you get to that part in the date where maybe the conversation stops and it gets too quiet, you can almost always count on a friend or two to come up and say hi.

Cavern might not have the gourmet restaurant scene Commons offers but don’t sleep on it. Quite personally, and this is me fully exposing myself: I like to “do homework” in Cavern and people-watch. And while I should be working on something for seminar, I’m usually taking mental notes of the duos that come into Cavern. They don’t sit exactly across from each other, it’s just close enough. When they tell jokes, they lean toward each other and laugh instead of throwing their heads back and cackling like my friends and I. IT’S SO CUTE AND I WANT IT. It’s comfort food + a cozy setting; the vibe and the conversation is bound to be magical with that special person.

So now I bet you’re wondering, “Wow, Shamira is so well-spoken and talented and I understood both of her beautifully-described points so well! But where, oh, where can I take her to profess my undying love for her?”

Honestly, I’m with Cavern on this. While in Commons, I can get a good meal served on a teal plate, it’s the lowkey vibes of Cavern that I love. I feel like the best conversations I’ve had with anyone, romantic or platonic, have happened in the basement of Colket, and that’s what it all comes down to. Can we talk and get to know each other in a setting that’s not too close for comfort, but just close enough?

It also comes down to you using a swipe to get me more sides, because a girl needs her carrots and ranch.