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Downtown: Everything’s Waiting For You


There might truly be nothing worse than having an itch to go out on the weekend, and there are no viable frat options to scratch it. We’ve all been there. So, how do you spend your evening?

Go to bed early? Hell no.

Make a cup of tea and watch The Office? Nope. Get a life.

Find someone with whom you share a special connection and talk until the sun comes up? Absolutely not. You can’t think of ANYTHING else to do until the sun comes up? Nothing?

Well, luckily for you, the BA has your frat-free options. When the on-campus social scene just ain’t cuttin’ it, head to downtown Roanoke and make your mark at some of the best 21+ spots to get down with the get-down, downtown.

(Over here at the BA, we do NOT stan drinking and driving, so either cajole a pal to be a DD or grab some taxi vouchers from the Info Desk in Colket- they offer them for free on the weekends!)

  1. Corned Beef & Co.
    1. If you’re looking for a sports bar where you can play a lovely (albeit cliched)  game of pool or darts with mysterious strangers, boogie down with your pals or enjoy live music, get Beefy with it. Address
  2. Sidewinders Steakhouse and Saloon
    1. Be the yee to someone’s haw at Sidewinders, where you can enjoy live country music, have an adult beverage or two (or three or four, no judgment) and have a rootin’ tootin’ good time. Go on a Tuesday and partake in the cultural experience that is LINE DANCING (can someone say Hoedown Throwdown?)! Address
  3. The Park
    1. Let your inner queen out with a night at Roanoke’s premier gay club, where even under-21s can get their groove on (sans beverage, of course). If you’re lucky, you might be blessed by one or two drag performances. With great DJs and a fun, nightclub-esque atmosphere, it’s definitely a unique experience around here.
  4. Big Lick Brewing Company
    1. If you’re looking for an experience that will make you feel classier than a bar scene, try one of the Roanoke area’s popular breweries. For a lower-key afternoon-to-mid-evening drinking event, Big Lick is perfect.
  5. Awful Arthur’s Seafood
    1. If you don’t want to deal with Salemites at the Awful’s across from Marion, try your luck at the one in Roanoke. It’s bigger, badder and who knows? You might run into only a few dudes with ponytails in flip-flops.
  6. Martin’s Downtown Bar & Grill
    1. Head to Martin’s during the weekend for what will undoubtedly be an adventure of a night, what with all of the food options, drink options, live music events and LOTS and LOTS of Roanokers, all out for a good time at one of downtown’s most hoppin’ spots.