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So You Want to Make a Film? Join the Fest!


Written by Charissa Roberson

2019 marks the fourth annual Basically Tarantino Film Festival, a campus-wide competition that seeks to promote filmmaking at Roanoke College and provide aspiring artists with an outlet for their work.

The rules are simple—include this year’s required props and lines, stay within an R-rating and create the film of your choice. This independent mindset is acknowledged by the festival’s nod to Quentin Tarantino, a recognized maverick in the film industry.

“I think the college has really strong creative writers,” says Joe Boucher, Director of Student Activities, who has overseen Basically Tarantino since the beginning, “It’s great that they can take it into a new area and bring their writing to life.”

Freshman Jasey Roberts, who is currently working on his film for the 2019 festival, says, “I wanted to see if it was something I could accomplish. I’m most excited about seeing people’s reactions, critiques…That’s my favorite part of the artistic process, people telling me what I can do better next time.”

Student films will premiere in the Wortmann Ballroom on March 27, followed by an event at the historic Grandin Theater. For interested participants, a meeting on Feb. 25 will provide an opportunity to get involved and meet other filmmakers, and rules/requirements are available at the information desk. Registration is open until March 13.