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The Swipe Out: Gotta Get Down on Friday


Written by Shamira James

There are times when Commons is the place to be… and then there are times where it’s not. When it’s good, it’s real good. The food is delicious, all your friends are there and even that boy that keeps ghosting you but he’s pretty so like who even cares. But when it’s bad, OH BOY is it baaaaaad. There’s no one there, the food is some tired rendition of chicken and even the music played by the dish station is lacking. The real ones know I’m referring to any Friday night in commons. I’ve made the mistake of sticking around for that desolate dine-in, and I’ve learned the hard way that where I should be on a Friday night is ANYWHERE besides Commons.

Not only does every weekend start the cycle of being able to treat myself, but it’s also time to decompress. Between weeks dragging on and staying up to the buttcrack of dawn to do homework when Friday rolls around, anything academic is the last thing on my mind.

If you ever thought “Diddly darn, I never know where Shamira is on Fridays, and I need to because she’s just so radiant, lovely, kind and sweet, and I need that energy all the time!” I’ll give you the scoop on my favorite places in Salem and Roanoke, we’re stepping out here on the Swipe Out.

When my bank account is looking a little shallow, old reliables like Cookout and McDonalds are IT for me. Don’t even bother getting on your high horse and asking “if I even know what they put in that stuff” because I’m gonna keep it 100 with you- I DON’T CARE! It’s delicious, and it’s affordable, so what more can you ask for?

When I’m feeling a little more Prada instead of Walmart, and I want to level up, Chipotle (not Moe’s, sorry not sorry) or Dynasty International are EVERYTHING. Dynasty is a Chinese buffet which combines my two favorite things. I can get all the lo mein I want and not have to be bullied by the thought of having General’s chicken shoved in my face every week. Chipotle is Chipotle, and that’s my only argument.

When I’m feeling like a widow whose rich husband just died in a mysterious boating incident, and I just got the life insurance check, you best believe the squad and I are stepping out to Cheddars. The croissants, the queso with beef and, when you got the big bucks, the steak is DELECTABLE.

There’s so much of an emphasis to get everything out of college that it has to offer, but I think that applies for area the college is in. I’m from Baltimore, MD (yes I have the flag in my room and yes I have Old Bay coursing through my veins) and Salem, VA is definitely a whole new world. There’s a lot of small town quirks that this city mouse is getting out of this place. Not only in scenery, but in the off-campus places I’m choosing to make memories in. This place has a special place in my heart, and you know the quickest way to anyone’s heart is the tummy. Let’s do dinner sometime!