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EL JEFE: Is The Club REALLY Going Up On A Tuesday?


Written by Emma Grosskopf

How does Salem’s newest RC weekday hotspot measure up to its predecessors?

The Atmosphere

Maybe I’m broke and have low standards, but El Jefe was FANCY. They had actual lamps, for Pete’s sake! It was PRISTINE, sans the messy bathroom, puddles of beer or abandoned drinks laying around willy-nilly that make Awful’s so endearing.

Also, El Jefe had beer pong, and while I don’t know if that costs money to play, I will say that there is no bigger cockblock in this world for a college girl than a beer pong table. There’s nothing worse than showing up to one of these things, expecting to talk to a cute guy, and then said cute guy NEVER LEAVES THE PONG TABLE. I mean, come on, what’s a girl to do?

My lamentations aside, the overall atmosphere at El Jefe seemed cleaner, more proper and, dare I say it, maybe a little bit too fancy for rowdy RC kids?

⅘ stars


The Crowd

Anyone who knows me knows that I love a little drama. So, while El Jefe was full of cool people, I was low-key missing the Salemites. I KNOW, I make fun of the Salemites who go out and mingle with college kids, but I think it adds a fun element to my night out when I have to dodge guys in buns wearing flip-flops at a bar! Maybe it’s just me.

Also, maybe it’s because I am a regular at Awful’s (don’t judge), but those bouncers and DJs are pals! Except for one or two tools, rest of them are homies! Because El Jefe is so new, we don’t have this kind of connection with the employees yet, and because I am graduating in May, I probably never will!

⅗ stars


The Product

If you’re over 21 and broke like me, then you probably order the cheapest thing on the menu. Which, at El Jefe, was Natty Light. I don’t have problem with The Nectar of The Gods, but I know some of you guys think you’re too good to drink cheap beer, so you order the world’s most expensive cocktails. So to be completely honest, I only talked to one student with a cocktail, and she said she paid ten dollars for it. Was she accurate? Was she exaggerating? I don’t know, man, I was drinking Natty the whole time so that’s none of my business.

Also, I was blessed enough to bum a taco off another friend, and IT SMACKED. I think having food readily available while some people are drinking makes for a neater night overall (for everyone).

⅘ stars


The Verdict

If you are bored on a Tuesday night and have no homework to occupy you, well, pick up a hobby. Or head over to El Jefe. If the ambiance at Awful’s isn’t your style, and there’s too many Sig guys at Bob’s, El Jefe might just prove to be a happy medium.