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Drag Ball Rolls Into Town


Written by Joseph Carrick

This Saturday, March 23, the Wortmann Ballroom will host the most fashionable drag Queens in VA. Enya Salad is back on campus hosting the 2019 second annual Drag Ball with Jezzi Belle, Taylor Made, Alexis Salad, Sabastion and Holly Whatt, accompanied by a DJ. The show is open to everyone, both spectators and those who wish to dress as drag Queens and Kings. The LAMBDA Alliance, a multicultural organization that focuses on the acceptance of sexual diversity, is hosting the event.

Members of the club and students at large are very excited to host these fashion divas once again on campus. LAMBDA sees this event as a great opportunity for students to immerse themselves in an otherwise esoteric aspect of modern-day society. This is a great time to express yourself, so feel free to dress expressively even if you do not wish to perform!

For information about other LGBT+ events being held on campus or in the broader community, the LAMBDA Alliance meets every Saturday in the Garrett Media Room.

Tickets are free and found at the info desk, but be sure to pick them up before they’re gone! Doors will open at 7:30.