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Maroons Talk Back(ety-Ack)


Written by Shamira James

You’ve seen them all over twitter, now they’re in the Brackety-Ack. Tell us your unpopular opinion.

Tanner James, freshman, Has The Best RA Ever! “Unpopular Opinion Music Edition: Sorry to say it, but all country music sounds the same.”

Kenzi Semans, sophomore, Blonde Bombshell “Unpopular Opinion Food Edition: @Chick-fil-a: I can go to church AND eat on a Sunday.”

Arian Winters, junior, Honorary BA Member, “Unpopular Opinion Driving Edition: As much as I do love driving, being a passenger is 1000x better.”

Dylan Sheck, sophomore, Brice’s Bud, “Unpopular Opinion RC Edition: ALL ON-CAMPUS DINING OPTIONS SUCK!”