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Refresh Your Spring Wardrobe


Written by Shamira James

The age old saying goes: Spring has sprung! After a winter that seemed like it would never truly end, the flowers are blooming, the birds are singing and you are serving looks. The struggle to switch from your cozy and comfortable fall and winter collection can be trying, but there are ways to seamlessly side-step into the time of sunshine and butterflies. Look at what you have and let’s ditch it for something else!

  1. Switching out plaid for checkers – Plaid screams flannel and unless you’re a rooty-toot cowboy and cowgirl, flannels belong in the winter. Plaid can be a very heavy-looking and even physically heavy material, so it’s not exactly emanating Warm Time Energy. Instead, go for checker prints. It can double as both fun and playful for a day or night on the town, but can also double up as chic and upscale for a more professional setting.
  2. Switching out skater shoes for dad shoes – Skater shoes give off a very grungy vibe, and let’s face it, grunge thrives in the cold, and it is cold no more. Swap out the weighted shoes for cooler option. Dad shoes offer a thick sole that elevate the legs and makes your legs look toned, tanned, fit and ready just in time for the warmer weather.
  3. Switching out big purses for fanny packs – Nothing can compare to the booked and busy look of a tastefully oversized purse. Per the City Girls lyric “big Birkin bag hold(s) five six figures” and not that the bag chasing stops in the warmer weather, but swap out that hefty bag for something a little more practical. A fanny pack offers a casual and fun approach to only keeping the essentials on you in a hands-free way.
  4. Switching out faded colors for more true hues – Millennial pink definitely paved the way for all faded and less saturated colors, and while those colors are particularly popular around Easter time, opt for a more vivid option. Using heavily saturated colors is a great way to send spring into summer, full throttle. Think of orange and then amp it up to the max and there you have a stunning accent piece or even the centerpiece of an outfit. Live boldly, readers.