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Rooney’s Senior Roundup


Written by Kaelyn Spickler

Ian Davies

Lacrosse- Goalkeeper

Senior Ian Davies has his sights set on earning All-American for the second year in a row. In order to accomplish this, along with other hopes, he writes his goals down, so he can keep track of them and cross them off. “I like to make goals and work to achieve them. That’s what I did last year, and it was good to achieve most of the goals I wanted to achieve,” Davies said.

It’s easy to let the pressure get to you in any sport, but especially for a lacrosse goalie. “I try to think of games just like practice, so I don’t get nervous because as a goalie you can’t be freaking out,” Davies said.The goalies tend to get praised when the team wins, but on the other hand, when the team loses, it’s hard not to feel like it’s your fault. “Goalies always say when you lose you feel like it’s your fault, which obviously isn’t the case, but you can’t help but feel like that. Whenever you have a really game and help your team win, it’s a really good feeling because you feel like you had a lot to do with it,” Davies continued.

Davies has a great support system behind him that has gotten him where he is today. “My family is first. My mom passed away two years ago, but she definitely has been a big inspiration for me. My coaches, Coach Pilot and Coach Mason, have helped me a lot,” Davies said.

Good luck to Davies and the rest of the lacrosse team throughout the rest of the season.  

Teresa Wagner


Senior Teresa Wagner started her senior season off with a bang. The humble softball pitcher threw a no hitter in the first softball game of the season. Because she is a senior, her success can be credited to her strong mentality. “I try a lot harder in practice this year knowing it’s my last year. I go as hard as I can because my days are limited, and each game I play is one less until I’m done,” Wagner said.

Like Davies, Wagner has a big support system that has helped get her to where she is today. “My family has gotten me where I am today,” Wagner said without missing a beat. “I also have friends that push me to be my best,” she continued. It makes sense that her favorite memory, then, is being on the same team as her sister, sophomore, Allison Wagner.

“I’m thankful for having the best team that I’ve been apart of which has been this year,” said Wagner. What a way to end!

Good luck to Wagner and the rest of the softball team throughout the rest of the season.