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Spring Into Clean – Tips and Tricks


Written by Alexandra Gautier

Spring has, for the most part, sprung. Despite some cold and rainy days, all signs point to warmer, longer and more beautiful days. The changing of the season means that your sweaters, heavy boots, and jackets will be collecting dust and eating up space in your closet and wardrobe. To combat issues like this and more, here’s some spring cleaning must-do’s.

Start with your bedding- collect sheets, comforters and pillow cases, and throw them into the washer. When you’re done with that, make your bed. Having this major space eater in your room looking fresh and made will make all of the difference when moving onto the rest of your room.

Keep an empty bin under my bed so that with seasonal changes, you can throw in clothes and shoes that you no longer need. Take out your sweaters, boots, scarves and heavy clothes, and put them away in the bin, but while doing this, look at the state of your clothing. Is it beaten up, too worn, or stained beyond repair? If yes, cut the cord and throw it away. That might sound like an obvious step, but if you’re a clothing hoarder: do it. Another tip: figure out if you actually wear the clothing you’re putting away. If the answer is no, this could be a great and quick money making opportunity for you! There are places like Plato’s Closet and online apps like Poshmark which allow people to donate lightly worn clothing that they no longer use!

Once you’ve gotten rid of all of your winter clothes, whether that be trashing, selling, or storing them, move on to your desk and throw away old papers that you don’t need- especially if they are stored on your computer.

For makeup users, you need to purge your collection. If you weren’t aware (and some people aren’t), makeup does expire. Using expired makeup can lead to eye infection, bacterial infection, clogging of pores, and the lower quality of the look. Your eyeliner can last from 6 months to a year, mascara is 3-6 months, powder cosmetics last from 1-2 years, and lipstick lasts 2 years. You can read more about this from Huffpost article, “The Makeup Expiration Dates You Need To Know”.

The final step is to actually clean. Sweep, vacuum and disinfect your room so that when it comes time to move out for the semester, your job has basically already been done.