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Throwback Artists Making A Comeback in 2019


Written by Jessica Shelburne

In consideration of multiple artists that have already made a reappearance this year with singles, albums and hints of new music in the making, 2019 is bound to be a year of comebacks. The following are five artists, among many more, that are using the new year as a new opportunity for musical rejuvenation.

Avril Lavigne initiated the return with her album ‘Head Above Water’ mid-February. The album was inspired by the long battle she endured against Lyme Disease, claiming that it represents a true emotional journey. The album release has been a huge accomplishment for Lavigne, not only because of her health struggles, but also because it has reached the top 10 positions in 10 countries.

The Jonas Brothers also returned to the public eye upon dropping their new single ‘Sucker’ which surged to the top of the charts within days. The song and music video highlight their renewed musical sound and lifestyles. There have been heavy rumors of the group reuniting under the name JONAS to continue producing new music, after disbanding in 2013 for family purposes and to engage in their individual careers.

Following several singles in late 2018, Ciara delivered ‘Greatest Love’ earlier this year, and is reportedly working to compilate an entire album. However, release dates have not been confirmed as she will be on tour over the course of the year.

Marina Diamandis has been shown on several social media platforms partnering with Lana del Rey in preparation for new music releases this year. Historically known as Marina and the Diamonds, the pop singer has recently dropped the second part of her iconic title, now referred to simply as Marina. Although there are no officialized plans, hints from concerts and social media have led fans to believe something great is in progress.

Since 2016, Rihanna has been focusing on other successful aspects of her life, but as of late is being watched closely in anticipation of her ninth studio album, dubbed R9, after many affirmations that it’s underway. Between past interviews and hints from management, RiRi is known to be putting together a reggae album and partnering with several renowned artists.