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Who Ya Gonna Call? Health Services!


Written by Lorin Brice Hall

It’s a weird windy time here in Salem and everyone’s getting the flu, or just feels under the weather! Instead of hunkering down underneath your fleeciest blanket, just go to Roanoke College’s Health Services! The small building that houses Health Services is directly across the street from the Fowler Alumni Home. The Roanoke College’s Health Services is an extremely useful asset for maintaining positive student health. All currently enrolled full-time students are eligible for their confidential services, which include:

  • Evaluation and treatment of most medical conditions and minor injuries
  • Primary care services for members of the campus LGBTQ+ population
  • Reproductive/Sexual Health (which also includes birth control and Plan B
  • Lab testing- includes strep, influenza, mono, pregnancy, STI, and urine testing
  • Allergy injections and immunization
  • Wellness resources, including apps for relaxation, nutrition, diet, and exercise
  • Consultation for psychological and stress issues
  • Referrals to community health care providers
  • Health education
  • Other general services such as flu prevention, antibiotic education information about travel vaccines and wound care

There is no charge for routine visits. However, in-house lab testing, special exams, physicals, allergy injections and immunizations or other injections incur charges payable by cash, check, Maroon Money or most major credit cards. Health Services is open from 8:30 AM -5 PM on weekdays. They also have cough drops, condoms and sunscreen that you can just take. Health Services also sponsors wellness sessions in the Well in order to promote mental positivity and help relieve the omnipresent sense of stress in the student body.

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